Through our unwavering commitment, we have successfully implemented numerous projects that have touched the lives of countless individuals. From providing essential resources to supporting education, food bank, and community development, we have strived to uplift and empower communities worldwide.

Our Food Bank

Is NOW OPEN for emergency food parcels access. Not just for your body but for everyone's mind and soul. What a time to be serving the community.

We would also be grateful for any donations that could be dropped Sunday mornings 9:30am until noon at the Food Bank.

  • Grocery hampers are served every Sunday from 11:00am until 1:00pm at 4954 Roper Rd Edmonton.
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During Covid-19

In times of crisis, we took time to step up and give during the pandemic - Sherwood Park News.

We slowly started serving grocery hampers to people who were in need. Eventually, it became huge and part of our mission.

  • By the end of COVID-19, grocery hamper program was served over 300 families every week in Sherwood Park. We continue helping families who are in need and affected during the pandemic.
  • Inspired by Guru Nanak's mission to spread the message of universal Oneness, the Sikhs for Humanity team began to ponder ways in which we could do our part to uplift and empower unfortunate people in the community.

Sikhs for Humanity Selfless Service