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School Program

Our initial idea was to start a langar food truck, which we would use to deliver langar to Edmonton's inner city. After some consideration, the idea of "Seva Food Truck" was born.

  • The Seva Food Truck program began on February 14, 2014. Through Seva Food Truck, our team of volunteers delivered meals to students at low income schools in Edmonton's inner city.

  • We modeled the meal program according to the langar format. We arranged for tables to be set up in the school gyms, and we dined collectively with the students.

  • This meal program began to take the form of a mentorship program, and many lasting connections were made. We ran this program at Spruce Avenue School for all ~300 students.

  • The program was welcomed and enjoyed by many teachers and students alike.

Serving the Homeless

  • While the Seva Food Truck program was running, the Sikhs for Humanity team also undertook a huge volunteer initiative in the summer of 2015 to serve our homeless brothers and sisters in downtown Edmonton.

  • Every Saturday morning, langar for around 400 people was prepared and trucked in food carriers to downtown Edmonton, where our team would set up a tent and serve the meals. We set up the tent in front of the Bissell Center, but was then moved to the Hope Mission Center.

  • The team of Sikhs for Humanity continued to serve and help people for many years.

Grocery Hampers

  • After COVID-19, grocery hamper program was served over 300 families every week in Sherwood Park. We continue helping families who are in need and affected during the pandemic.

  • Inspired by Guru Nanak's mission to spread the message of universal Oneness, the Sikhs for Humanity team began to ponder ways in which we could do our part to uplift and empower unfortunate people in the community.

  • Then this become a permanent food bank at 4954 Roper road. We continue sharing our compassion and touch everyone's heart.


As we move forward with our mission, Sikhs for Humanity decided to open a Food Bank

  • Grocery hampers are served every Sunday from 11:00am until 1:00pm at 4954 Roper Rd Edmonton.